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The Jesus Model is an offering by:
  • The Parker McNally Association (TPMA)
TPMA, a Results-Based Development™ company, is a member of a network of independent consultants. Each consultant has a proven track record over a minimum of ten years using performance-based training methodologies, such as, Instructional System Design (ISD) and Criterion-Referenced Instruction (CRI). Most have international experience. This arrangement allows us to cross disciplinary lines in defining best practices and developing performance solutions as each consultant has built a broad foundation across multiple disciplines.

Our Principal Consultant

Frederic A. Parker
Mr. Parker is the President of The Parker McNally Association (TPMA).
In business, he has more than 30 years of success in all facets of training & development in leadership, management, and supervision skills, and in numerous industries including defense, chemical, steel, pharmaceutical, packaging, power generation, petroleum, telecommunications, data communications, mechanical maintenance, electronic maintenance, and manufacturing.
In the church, he has more than 20 years success in all facets of Christian Education, both as a Sunday school teacher, and as a church Education Committee member. He has designed education programs, developed curriculum, presented classes and workshops, and advised church elders on all facets of Christian education.
Mr. Parker is a Mager Associate and a certified Course Manager for the Mager Criterion-Referenced Instruction, and Instructional Module Development workshops. He received his training and experience in Instructional System Design while serving as an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps.

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