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Implementing the Jesus Model of Instruction™ (TJMI)

Why is Jesus recognized as the greatest teacher ever?
Jesus involved people in their own learning. He did this through two,
seemingly, very simple behaviors:


  • He told stories / parables, and
  • He asked questions


We say "seemingly." In His divine wisdom, Jesus always knew exactly what the goal was. He also understood, however, that people would have to work things out, or discover things for themselves, for everything to be valuable to them. His parables always offered deeper levels of meaning than the surface stories. His questions always led to more questions in the pursuit of understanding. This process fostered spiritual growth as people moved closer to the mind of God.
In order to continue this process after His ascension, Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to "guide us into all truth." The Holy Spirit works today through teachers in the same fashion Jesus did to encourage Christians toward the understanding and application of spiritual truth. The more closely the teachers adhere to the Jesus Model of Instruction™, the more effective their efforts will be.
Our quest has been to develop workshops that, (1) train teachers to practice the Jesus Model of Instruction™, and (2) provide class materials for use by trained teachers. We have taken the facilitated workshop methods used in business, and adapted them to the methods of Jesus. Our foundational workshop ensures that teachers learn and practice the Jesus Model of Instruction™.
We guarantee that all of our workshops will produce the results stated in the workshop goal(s).

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